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About the Okra Network

Our Story

The Okra Network began in 2021 in hopes of providing visibility to the hundreds of competent and hardworking community-led organizations in Africa. It's not often that we hear, let alone see, the great works being done by these community giants, and we wanted to change that. Africa is growing! And it's growing fast, we need to continue encouraging and supporting communities to lead diligently and honestly to make change the changes necessary to improve the lives of millions.

We believe that tackling issues plaguing development in African communities will not only take local eyes and ears to make impactful changes but those who are passionate about change. To do that we need to improve African communities by building networks to connect interested organizations to one another and their beneficiaries. We want to provide visibility to African organizations and projects, while encouraging volunteer and career prospects; by promoting sustainable and scalable projects, through facilitation and networking to end poverty in Africa.

We work in 7 main sectors: Agriculture, Community Development, Education, Environment, The Arts, Health, Technology, and Sports, to promote a wide range of opportunities for connecting, working, volunteering, internships, and more. Our partners are spread across the continent and are growing. Not only do we have continental partners, but we've also strove to work alongside international organizations working to improve African communities. Become familiar with us and discover how  We Can Connect You with Your Cause!


Mission Statement

Providing visibility to African organizations and fostering cross-cultural connections through impactful solutions for local challenges.


To create a network of collaborative African non-profits and improve the livelihood of millions across the continent. 

The Okra Team

These are our current members contributing to the success of our organization. Interested in joining?

Ivan Tamba

Executive Director
Akampurira Micheal

Akampurira Micheal

Projects Director

Recheal Namara

Project Coordinator

Samuel Chege

Project Coordinator

Agrey Kimaro

Project Coordinator

Koumba Kamano

Project Manager

Anton Council

Web Developer

Lamin O. Janneh

Web Developer
The Gambia

Robel Muhammed

Content Creator

Our Projects

Videos about the Okra Network's projects

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The Okra Network - 2023 Projects

The Okra Network would love to announce the projects that we've enacted this year and continue to improve on! We are growing and could use all of your help! Please like, subscribe, and check out our website at as well as @theokranetwork on all of our social media platforms!

Menstrual Hygiene Project - Uganda

The Menstrual Hygiene Project was supported by The Okra Network and facilitated by Integrity Youth Forum and The Change Society Needs. The two schools we were fortunate enough to pilot our project were St. Lawrence High and Tooro High, both in Kebole District in Western Uganda. Our project strives to provide 1000 young women and men proper menstrual health and hygiene education. The two day long project incorporates menstrual padmaking and menstrual health education. 

ICT for Girls Project - Uganda

Integrity Youth Forum Uganda is a great community organization working in Kampala, Uganda, combatting homelessness, poverty, and gender discrimination. This project's goal is to support young teen mothers, who have dropped out of school, in learning basic computer skills to improve their lives. The goal is to further their computer literacy to help in careers otherwise limited due to lack of technology skillsets.  

Amani Project - Uganda

In collaboration with U-VOL Foundation, over 1000 menstrual cups have been donated to support women in Uganda facing menstrual hygiene challenges. The pilot project, executed by The Change Society Needs in Karangura Sub County, Kabarole district, involved the training of 34 women and teenage mothers (14-28 years old) by professional health workers. They were educated on menstruation issues and provided with menstrual cups to aid them during their menstrual periods.

Corporate Sponsors

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